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  • [GFW-145] - Wait nodes in front of OrJoin
  • [GFW-260] - AndJoin acts like OrJoin
  • [GFW-269] - ProcessManagerService - long execution time can result into Broken pipe
  • [GFW-270] - ProcessNode StartedOn has to be set when the step starts to work
  • [GFW-273] - Filter of "Initiated Workflows" not visible when using Internet Explorer
  • [GFW-277] - Edit Process Types: GRE is shown during removing of node via Grailsflow editor
  • [GFW-278] - Using incorrect Character Encoding for HTML Report Process
  • [GFW-279] - Node execution leads to Exception
  • [GFW-281] - Execution of workflow process is stuck
  • [GFW-283] - View Process Scheduler Details: problem with updating Repeating time for edited Job.
  • [GFW-285] - Execution of multiple Processes lead to Deadlock
  • [GFW-286] - Opening Worklist takes a lot of time
  • [GFW-298] - Losing search-parameters after switching to the next pages in result list
  • [GFW-300] - It's not possible to kill Process
  • [GFW-305] - Killing process that already finished


  • [GFW-288] - Improving Grailsflow logging and scalability

New Feature

  • [GFW-253] - Implementing support for asynchronous nodes
  • [GFW-256] - Split node's action execution into separate transaction
  • [GFW-259] - Grouping Process Variables
  • [GFW-261] - Process List: Add CSV and Excel export
  • [GFW-265] - Initiated workflows overview
  • [GFW-276] - Protocoling of Process execution
  • [GFW-282] - Handling kill process event directly in process
  • [GFW-284] - Add possibility to disable process engine jobs (NodeActivatorJob, DueDateJob) in configuration.
  • [GFW-294] - Introduce enumerations for process and node statuses


  • [GFW-289] - Improve logging for process execution, use correct logger names
  • [GFW-290] - Add new field in ProcessNode table

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