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  • Improvement WCM-275 Improve editor UI styling, label sizes and indents etc
  • Improvement WCM-276 Rework weceem.org content to use new menu tag, breadcrumb, header/footer widgets etc
  • Bug WCM-898 No pom file for the version of ckeditor at repo.grails.org/grails/plugins/org/grails/plugins/ckeditor/

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  • Improvement WCM-901 Yesterday 8:44 PM Remove Searchable plugin from Weceem
  • Bug WCM-900 Last Thursday 2:18 PM Weceem-app: Templates are not updated on UI after saving changes to them in content repository
  • New Feature WCM-448 Last Monday 3:19 PM Shuffle attribute for eachChild tag

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