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  • Improvement WCM-275 Improve editor UI styling, label sizes and indents etc
  • Improvement WCM-276 Rework weceem.org content to use new menu tag, breadcrumb, header/footer widgets etc
  • Improvement WCM-333 Work out the optimal ORM mapping strategy for the content model

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  • Task WCM-896 Last Wednesday 10:59 PM Make Weceem compatible with Grails-2.4.x
  • Improvement WCM-358 Last Wednesday 10:55 PM Improve error reporting on failed Ajax and admin actions when user permissions are denied
  • Improvement WCM-297 Last Wednesday 10:53 PM Support ContentDirectory nodes with a defined base directory, so that CSS files that reference images with relative links are possible without hardcoding the space URI

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